Planning your Wedding Day Transport

Spring is here and wedding bells are chiming off in the distance… So many things to think about – Planning the perfect venue, the perfect dress, the perfect bridal party dresses and suits, the perfect reception, the perfect cake. The list can be endless!

One thing people tend to leave until the last minute is their wedding transport. How will YOU get to the venue? How will your parents get to the venue? How will your Groom, your bridesmaids, his groomsmen, HIS parents, all get to the venue?

Have you thought about if you will travel as a larger group or whether you would like to indulge in the luxury of travelling just with your parents in a beautiful stretch limousine? Or maybe the trip to the wedding venue is part of all the fun so you would enjoy travelling as a larger group with all your bridesmaids in a limbusine?

Not only is there getting everyone to the wedding venue to consider, but there is travelling around for your wedding photography with your new spouse and bridal party, then transport back to the reception, and then of course off to your wedding night accommodation.

Margaret River is one of the most perfect wedding destinations in Western Australia, and here at Cape to Cape Wine Tours and Charters we would be honoured to assist you in planning the Wedding Transport for your special event.

How we can help:

  • We can collect the Bride, her parents and bridesmaids in her chosen form of luxury vehicle and transport them to the wedding venue.
  • We can collect the Groom, his parents and groomsmen from their accommodation and transport them to the wedding venue.
  • We are also able to transport other wedding guests from their accommodation to the venue in our people movers and mini buses.
  • We will transport you and your wedding party around for your photography and then take you to your reception.
  • We will arrange pickup in a luxury vehicle of your choice to take you back to your honeymoon suite.
  • We can even arrange to collect you the following day to transfer you to the airport if you are taking flights for your honeymoon.

We aim to make your wedding day transport as relaxing and luxurious as possible and would love to work with you to plan your special day. Contact us today to see how we can assist in your wedding plans.