The Difference between Beer and Craft Beer…

The definition of Beer as per the Webster’s Dictionary is “An alcoholic beverage usually made from malted cereal grain, such as barley, flavoured with hops and brewed by slow fermentation”

 But what is the difference between Beer and Craft beer?

Craft beer is brewed using specific hand selected ingredients to bring out certain flavours – the outcome is exquisite flavourful quality beer. When it comes to the usual beer you have down at your local – that is usually made in large factories using bulk inexpensive ingredients.

Beer tastes like beer, whereas craft beer tastes like ingredients that were hand picked to add to its flavourful aroma. You may find some craft beers that taste like chocolate, caramel, coffee, different fruits, floral, citrus, nuts and smoky undertones. Some may even have hints of pumpkin or coriander.

Craft beer is served by carefully pouring into a special glass, ensuring it is just the right temperature so that all the colours and flavours are released and able to slowly intertwine.  The usual beer is served ice cold from the can, bottle or on tap.

The colour of beer is usually yellow, copper or brown in colour. Craft beer is found to appear in a wider range of colours due to the difference in hand selected ingredients within the brew.

Overall Craft brewers focus on quality – not quantity. They want the flavours and aromas of their specialty brews to never be forgotten – to be a memory that is always on the tip of your tongue.

The Margaret River region is famous for its wines. But as the winemakers love their wines, they also love their beer! The Craft beer industry in Margaret River is one of the fastest growing in Australia.

There are now many breweries in the Margaret River Region that boast a variety of gourmet foods to accompany that perfect beverage. Most are family friendly offering play areas and activities for children – Great for school holidays!

So if you love quality beer why not check out the amazing ranges of different Craft beers at our local breweries – we would love to assist you in a personal custom tour with someone special, a group or with the family.

Hope to see you soon!